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Panicum virgatum 'Emerald Chief'


This long lived, tough perennial grass is easy to grow and undemanding. 

It has a graceful, sturdy habit and is outstanding for naturalising in meadows. 

In the garden it will tolerate a wide range of soil types forming stiff, upright, vivid green mounds that slowly turn yellow by autumn. 

In late summer pink flowers shimmer above the stiff erect foliage. These turn a beautiful shade of gold by late autumn and will stand for much of the winter. 

It's a late season grass, only starting into growth when the weather begins to warm the soil, so don't panic if it seems a bit behind other plants as it will soon catch up. 

The Panicum genus is native to North America where they can be found growing in very different habitats, from stream-sides to hot, dry prairie. 

'Emerald Chief' is a German seed selection specifically bred to maximise all the virtues of this tough group of grasses. Very desirable. Deciduous.

£ 5.50 



Hardy perennial grass (D)




Emerald green 

Pink, then golden

Well drained, moist 

Full sun, partial shade

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