Please note that we do not supply by mail order.

There are many interesting plants for 2021 and as usual many are weird but all are quite wonderful.  Our selection is based on plants that we like, that look good in the garden and that provide a little something extra for wildlife.  Very few are chosen for their current popularity in garden centres - you won't find hanging baskets or bedding plants here. Hopefully you'll find some interesting varieties of old favourites but also something new, a bit different. We grow everything at the nursery from seed, cutting or division. 

Some plants will not be available until they mature, and we will be adding plants to this site throughout the year. Do get in touch should you require further information.

Plant fairs that we attend are listed on our Events page as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

We are open from Spring until Autumn, from 10 am to 6 pm by appointment only. 

Shepherds Lodge•Clay Hill Road•Lamberhurst•Kent•TN3 8LT

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